"A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired." -Alexander Hamilton , 1775.


 "Only from good information can people make good decisions"  Dr. Terry Flower - College of St. Catherine



The elective franchise is the highest right of the every citizen; and the spirit of our institutions MUST REQUIRE that every opportunity be afforded for its fair and free exercise!

The current St. Paul charter states: All elections for the office of mayor or council member shall be held on a nonpartisan* basis, with no party designation on the ballot.


The current charter has TWO major flaws; 


1.     The present charter permits candidates to seek and receive political party support, but deprives voters of such knowledge on the ballot.


Ø      This impairs, and to a great extent defeats, the voters’ ability to cast an informed vote!


Ø      There is NO JUSTIFICATION for depriving voters of this vital information on the ballot. 



2.     The present charter fails to guarantee that more than one political party is represented in the general election.


Ø      State partisan elections provide such a guarantee; offering voters a greater diversity of viewpoints and stronger, more open primary and general elections.


Ø      There is no justification to deny the citizens of Saint Paul these same benefits.  

Our proposal remedies both flaws in the charter; it informs the voters and gives them a choice of candidates from more than one political party on the general election ballot. 


*The word “nonpartisan”, with respect to the charter, is inherently deceptive because it does not mean that candidates must be nonpartisan, it only means that the election format is “not partisan”.  In other words, it is something other than partisan (and sure doesn’t appear to be non-partisan). 

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