"And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd."                                      -William Wordsworth.

  "In every free and deliberating society, there must, from the nature of man, be opposite parties, and violent dissensions and discords; and one of these, for the most part, must prevail over the other for a longer or shorter time."  -Thomas Jefferson


This reform is long overdue! 


-Michael Degnan - PhD Philosophy

University of St. Thomas, Co-founder, MN Voters Alliance  


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"Arguments page"

The Minnesota Voters Alliance, a citizen s group, was formed in the interest of liberty, self-government and a well-informed electorate.  Our main focus is to expose and eliminate nonpartisan elections in Minnesota.

Nonpartisan elections disenfranchise voters by depriving them of the critical knowledge and choices necessary for electing the best possible government.

What is a nonpartisan election?

A nonpartisan basis  election, as defined by state law, is an election format whereby the top, overall vote-getters in the primary (as opposed to the top vote-getters from each party) advance to the general election, with no party designations on the ballot. 

Nonpartisan elections have two fundamental flaws that adversely affect the elective franchise rights of the citizens.  Nonpartisan elections;

  • permit candidates to seek and receive political party support, but deprive voters of such knowledge on the ballot; and
  • fail to guarantee that more than one political party is represented in the general election, as do state and federal elections.

The "Arguments" section of the site further describes these flaws and identifies the adverse effects on the electorate and the election process.

The first objective of the Alliance is a charter amendment to abolish the nonpartisan elections for the St. Paul offices of mayor and city council;

Our proposed charter amendment reads:

All elections for the offices of mayor and council member shall be held on a partisan basis, with party designation on the ballot.

Our proposal informs voters of each candidate s party affiliation on the ballot, offers a greater diversity of viewpoints, and stronger, more open elections.

The petition process is underway to place this amendment on the November 2005 ballot. 
A petition to amend the Duluth city charter will begin in December.

Vote YES for Party Designation on the ballot!